Our Education Charter

We are a ‘learning organisation’ that constantly strives to improve. In all our work we commit to:


Promoting the safety, welfare and happiness of our children and young people through:

  • Ensuring the right policies and practices are in place to keep our children and young people safe;
  • Making sure everyone is responsible for safeguarding and equipped with the skills and knowledge to do this;
  • Making every day a positive, safe and meaningful learning experience for children, young people and staff;
  • Developing and using evidence-based trauma informed practices in our work.


Providing enjoyable, high-quality holistic learning opportunities through:

  • Providing a curriculum and enrichment so our children and young people gain knowledge and skills to meet their needs alongside developing their love of learning;
  • Placing strong emphasis on language, communication, personal and social development;
  • Providing positive approaches to behaviour and therapeutic support that enables the children and young peoples’ access to learning and quality of life;
  • Nurturing and celebrating each child and young person’s individual abilities and talents;
  • Offering a range of recognised, reputable qualifications and pathways enabling pupils to progress successfully to their next stage in education, training, employment or placement;
  • Giving children and young people the best technology to assist them in their learning and lives.


Acting as strong advocates for special needs, positively influencing education policy and practices through:

  • Championing the valuable contribution people with special needs make to society;
  • Empowering our young people to be advocates for their abilities and talents;
  • Sharing our specialist expertise through our outreach services, contributing to national policy, other schools, trusts and organisations including the Police, transport operators and employers.


Allowing everyone to thrive through:

  • Providing parents and carers with tools to support their child’s learning and welfare;
  • Enabling our schools and services to retain their own identity and specialism whilst benefiting from our excellent centralised functions to lead and manage human resources, finance, estates, premises and IT;
  • Expert governance provided by dedicated trustees who support and challenge to enable our Trust’s continuous improvement;
  • Sustaining strong partnerships with our host and commissioning local authorities, helping them to successfully meet the needs of their local communities.