Securing 'Good to Great' Foundations

The school is safe and secure

  • A fully trained DSL identified
  • Risk assessments of site/s are robust
  • Health and Safety audits demonstrate exceed minimum standards
  • Safeguarding audit exceed minimum standards including highly effective checking SCR
  • Secure and highly effective IT systems

A strong culture of compliance that meet and exceeds  statutory expectations

  • Behaviour and culture – a consistent trauma and evidence informed approach to positive behaviour
  • The Early Years Framework, National Curriculum or other curriculum pathways  are supported by quality schemes of work
  • There is an embedded and appropriate framework for teaching (implementing the curriculum) aligned to pupils SEND/EHCP
  • Assessments provide accurate analysis of pupil’s attainment and progress and inform EH&C planning and review
  • Regular quality assurance of teaching and learning is established by school leader. It informs regular feedback with clear action steps to improve teaching practice
  • Careers education and guidance meets Gatsby benchmarks and national expectations

The school’s financial sustainability and business systems are underpinned by curriculum led financial planning and

  • A site manager is in place and the school has a strategic estate management plan
  • A condition survey has been completed and actions underway
  • Adoption of the Trust’s chosen MIS system is integral to the systems
  • A planned budget surplus
  • No in-year deficit

School leadership

  • The Principal and senior leadership team is established, strong, stable and supported by ongoing professional development and coaching for improvement
  • Leaders at every level are accessing NPQs and other relevant post graduate qualifications linked to the school’s capacity needs
  • The school leadership structure is focused on developing teaching expertise, behaviour and culture, and teaching and learning, as well as leadership of support staff and operations
  • The middle leadership structure is focused on the school’s key priorities which should include ongoing curriculum development and teacher expertise
  • A visible SLT for pupils, staff and parents
  • Policies and structures to support accountability and quality assurance in embedded – staff professional development and appraisal, behaviour, teaching and learning, work scrutiny, assessment and teaching practice feedback
  • Training for support staff in specific roles is highly attuned to promote their role in pupils learning, progress, welfare and EHCPs

Accountability (with support from CEO) is characterised by effective challenge and support

  • Accurate self-evaluation using the Flourish Learning Trust Self-Evaluation Framework
  • School Improvement plans are in place to address identified priorities
  • Leaders reports to the Trust board sub committees enable those in governance roles to effectively challenge and support
  • There is effective  triangulation between the KPIs, self-evaluation and external quality assurance in all reporting
  • Parental and staff feedback is largely positive and any areas less so are acted and improved on.
  • Pupil voice is routinely factored into school self -evaluation and improvement planning.