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Who are we
Established in 2014, Flourish Learning Trust (formerly known as Whitefield Academy Trust) is a family of schools and specialist education services.  We currently have 325 talented, dedicated staff serving families and communities in north and east London. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable children and young people to flourish, lead independent and fulfilling lives and make a positive impact on the world.  We do this by providing them with opportunities, through the highest standards of specialist education, care and support, in partnership with the wider community.

Our Education Charter

Flourish Learning Trust is a ‘learning organisation’ that constantly strives to improve.  We do this by following our Education Charter, which can be found here.

Our Values

We appreciate the importance of cultural alignment in welcoming new schools to our Trust.  These are our all-important values, central to our day-to-day work across our schools and services and with our partners:



Schools in our Trust retain their own identity and strengths, whilst benefiting from the shared knowledge and expertise that we all build together as a group of schools and specialist education services.  This partnership working is underpinned by a number of common approaches, policies and activities which assist each school’s continuous improvement.  These are explained in the ‘The Flourish Learning Trust Approach’ below.

Our staff are actively encouraged to work with schools beyond the Trust (specialist and mainstream) through participation in networks, training or school visits.  Schools in the Trust participate in Challenge Partners to facilitate school improvement, leadership development and to share leading practice across over 500 schools (specialist and mainstream). Find out more by visiting

We know from our own experience that schools working together as a family can bring about multiple benefits for everyone and we know how to deliver these effectively.  At Flourish Learning Trust, these benefits include:

  • An experienced, expert central executive team who work alongside school leaders to guide, coach and support school improvement and leadership.
  • Access to National Leaders of Education to enhance school improvement support and capacity.
  • Costs savings from sharing our central support functions including finance, IT, HR, estates and property management, health, safety and safeguarding.
  • Cost savings from sharing staff, resources, facilities and central procurement processes.
  • Sharing expertise and resources across our schools to avoid duplication, reducing workload and many other time-saving opportunities e.g. joint policy development, training etc.
  • Peer-to-peer support, challenge and generating ideas through networks of support for leaders and staff at all levels across the schools.
  • Extensive professional development opportunities (up to Masters Level) provided by the Trust’s own Special Education Services. Find out more about our professional development offer by visiting
  • Education quality and compliance assurance provided by the Trust who broker external specialists and organisations to undertake audits and reviews.
  • We celebrate inclusion at every level and the active promotion of diverse staff teams across the Trust.  
  • We value all fresh perspectives including from ethnic minority backgrounds, staff living with a disability (visible or not), different faiths, religions or beliefs and LGBTQ+ staff.
  • Staff also benefit from the Trust’s strong focus on their welfare and wellbeing through engagement forums which allow all team members the chance to be heard on all matters relating to the running of the Trust and our schools. We also offer:
    • Excellent employment packages e.g. gym membership, interest free loans for bicycle purchases.
    • Generous Pension Schemes; Teacher’s Pension and Local Government.
    • Flexible working arrangements.
    • Employee Assistance Programme.


Our Community: As a relatively small MAT, we pride ourselves on having a vibrant, inclusive and inspirational community.  As we grow, we seek to maintain this community spirit so that every single pupil, member of staff, parent and partner feels valued and appreciated.

More than just schools: Beyond our schools, we offer highly successful internship programmes for young adults aged 16-25 years.  We also run specialist professional development programmes which enable us to enhance our own expertise and support teaching professionals across London.  Through our outreach services, we work with over 250 schools and colleges across London allowing us to offer a broad range of career pathways for our staff so they can diversify their work and roles.

Established partnerships: We have purposeful and very established relations with over 20 commissioning Local Authorities which means we can achieve the best possible outcomes for our children and young people.  We also have successful partnerships with a wide range of charities and interest groups which open up opportunities for our pupils, staff and parents.

Financial Stability: The Trust has a number of sustainable income generation streams providing financial stability for all schools so that they can provide bespoke support for all pupils.

Strong Governance: Representing a wide range of backgrounds and professions, our Trustees bring a wealth of expertise and experience.  Following our Scheme of Delegation our Trust Board constantly evolves to meet the changing needs of our schools and services so they can properly challenge and support our Executive Team. The Scheme of Delegation can be found on the ‘Key Information’ page on our website


“There is diversity within the Trust, including at leadership level, meaning pupils and staff have positive role models they can identify with and relate to.”  (Staff Member)

“You are doing a good job. Everyone is doing a good job. We all are. I learn to read, help others and I want to be a police officer or teaching assistant.” (Secondary Pupil)

“Thank you again for your time and that of your colleagues. We were blown away by your provision, positivity and passion. The pupils are truly lucky to have you and your team” (Trust Leader from another Multi Academy Trust).

“My child loves going to Whitefield; it is his second home. He loves the teachers, seeing his friends and was jumping with excitement when he saw the bus this morning” (Parent at Whitefield School).

“Coming to meet the new Project Search Interns and deliver the induction training is one of the highlights of my job.”  (BARTS NHS  Health Trust - Dementia Team).

“I like working for FLT because we have lots of different professionals with decades of experience to draw from and who help to support across the sites. Every day at FLT is different and the families and students that we work with are all unique and have helped to improve my own practice. I have worked with other MATs and there has not been sufficient communication or ideas sharing between schools or sites.  Over my time at FLT I have seen an increase in the communication which has led to improvements around the academy.” (Staff member).

“There is a vast range of services FLT provide to meet the young people’s needs.” (Staff member).

“Positive relationships between pupils and staff throughout the school contribute to pupils’ well-being” (Ofsted, Whitefield School, May 2022).

“Teaching, learning and assessment are consistently good across  all key stages. Teaching assistants make strong contributions to pupils’ learning and outcomes” (Ofsted, Joseph Clarke School, February 2017).

“This course has given me the encouragement to forward my career.  It has offered amazing opportunities.  The tutors are so helpful and always ensure all students are well supported.” (Teacher from another school accessing our Professional Development courses).

“This was a great course, very informative with extremely supportive tutors. Although I hesitated at first about embarking on this degree, I am so glad I did it!” (Foundation Degree Student, accessing our Professional Development courses).

“Thanks so much for your support.  It has been invaluable to us in ensuring we have had the correct provision in place.”  (SEND Officer at Local Authority receiving outreach services).


We are part of the Confederation of School Trusts (CST) who have published some useful and impartial advice for schools considering their options including about academisation.  Find out more about the CST by visiting

We have straightforward processes in place to ensure the process of joining us is smooth and seamless.  

As a first step, please come and visit us to meet our Executive Team and see how we work.  Please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Jo Conduit to arrange a visit: 020 8531 3426 /

We appreciate you reading our information. We hope you consider our offer. In his excellent book, Imperfect Leadership, Steve Munby suggests that the wrong question for governors to ask themselves is “Should my school become an academy?” He poses a much better question: “How can my school best collaborate with others in a strong and resilient structure to ensure that each child is a powerful learner and that adults have the opportunities to learn and develop as teachers and leaders?"



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