Project SEARCH

During my first rotation, I started off in a Back of House role.  I am now in a front-facing role as a Ward Host where I take on lots of different tasks during the day. This includes being helpful in the kitchen, picking and packing the right food items before delivering them to wards and helping to load and deliver new stock. Often, I am sent to organise new stock with a checklist and pen.

The Back of House Team were very kind to me and recognised my strengths.  They even asked me to train another intern which was a huge compliment and gave me a real boost.

Now that I’m a Ward Host, I am also responsible for taking patient orders, cleaning up meals, loading the oven and the dishwasher and taking tea and coffee orders. This means I have to be very personable, kind and attentive. Sometimes I think I have mastered a task but there are always things to work on and my job coaches are great at helping me improve.  

Transferrable skills that I’ve learned so far include communication, eye-contact, coordination and respect. These skills are very important when it comes to delivering food to patients as it puts them at ease and makes them feel ok.  Because I have to do so many tasks during the day, I am also very flexible and good at helping other departments.

Throughout my role as Ward Host, I have really enjoyed the physical aspect of my tasks. For example, checking stocks around the hospital, picking up stock and delivering it on the trolley. I find moving around the hospital and getting the job done very rewarding. I don’t mind back and forth trips, as it keeps me active and moving.

However, I need to work on taking time to rest. Though I enjoy being active, I need to learn how to slow down in order to prevent mistakes from happening.  Completing tasks to the best of my ability is very important to me. I have set myself personal goals to be more patient, take more time, rest and understand others more.

This is why my favourite Barts Health WeCare value is being responsible. If I make a mistake, I will own up to it and fix it. As a result, I’ve become much more accountable and respectful as a person.

Project SEARCH has been fantastic so far, even my Dad says that I can’t stop talking about it! I can’t wait to learn many more skills and continue to reflect on how I can improve. I am absolutely determined to secure a job next year!