Project SEARCH

I love to help people and be useful which is why working in a hospital really appealed to me.  Everyone tells me I have a bubbly, friendly and caring personality and so working at St Barts Hospital is the perfect fit for me.

Having achieved a professional chef diploma at college, I chose to work in the catering department for my first placement.  Working as a barista in Elior, Fontanella and Bakewell, I make coffees, other drinks and paninis.  I have even learnt to do the pretty patterns on top of coffees which the customers often comment on!

I also work on the till – accepting cash and card payments.  I haven’t always found maths easy but my mentor Abi has been there to help me count the money and ensure I give the customers the correct change.  Abi has been super-supportive and congratulates me whenever I get things right which boosts my self-confidence.  She has also taught me what to do when I can’t get a signal on the card machine – which happens a lot!  It can get really busy in the café and so when the card machine doesn’t work properly, it can feel quite stressful.  However, Abi has been very reassuring and has helped me keep calm.

I have also learnt to use the Breaz app which makes it easier and quicker for the hospital staff to order food and drink.  There is always lots to do but I am glad to be busy.

So far, the Project has been amazing and my family have noticed what a positive impact it has had on me.  My Auntie Kim has said I am a lot more confident and she can see how happy the Project has made me.  I am so pleased to have made her proud.  I am learning lots of new skills all the time which will be very useful when I start to look for a job.

My Project SEARCH group is the first cohort of interns at St Bartholomew’s Hospital so we all want to make a good impression.  From what I can see, I think we’re doing a great job.  My manager John and the whole team in the café have given me great feedback and keep telling me how impressed they are with me.

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