Project SEARCH

I have absolutely loved my time as a Project SEARCH intern; I’ve had so many different experiences and met such lovely people.

My most recent placement has been in the Maternity Unit where I have had responsibility for a range of tasks, including using the oven and dishwasher, setting up the beverage trolley and preparing patient food trays.  As well as this, I’ve had to wash up dirty dishes and follow infection control procedures. These tasks are very important so that we can keep all our patients safe and healthy.

It has been a brilliant experience so far; I’ve had a real insight into what it’s like to work on the ward and care for the patients there and I am really enjoying learning about what the Maternity Unit does.

Throughout my placement, I’ve gained so many fantastic skills.  By interacting with lots of different people, I’ve improved my communication skills, become more confident working in a team as well as independently, and have developed my listening skills. This means I can follow instructions well and make sure I am doing a good job.  I’ve also been using my numerical skills; knowing how many patients there are on the ward allows me to count out the number of meals I need to order, as well as how many plates, trays and pieces of cutlery need to be given out to them.

My favourite part of my placement has been working with my team; they are so friendly and really look after me.  We all work together very well, and my mentors, Diana and Dorete, tell me that I’m hardworking, have the confidence to speak up for myself and that I bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  It is so wonderful to hear such encouraging feedback.

Everyone who works at Project SEARCH is incredibly supportive and will do all they can to make sure you’re happy.  When they were deciding where to place me in the hospital, I told my job coaches that I was nervous about being placed on a big ward. They listened and decided to place me in maternity as it’s not so big and overwhelming. However, I have gained so much confidence here that I now feel able to perhaps work on a larger ward for my next rotation!  My job coaches have told me that they know I can do it, and all I need to do is believe in myself.

I’m so excited for my next placement, wherever it may be, and I know I will be surrounded by a fantastic group of people who all want the very best for me.