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I’ve lost count of how many miles I walk each day but my job coach says it must be quite a few.  Since September, I have been making deliveries across Whipps Cross Hospital and there certainly has been a lot of walking involved! 

I need to make sure that the right deliveries get to the right wards and that the ward managers sign for each delivery.  This can be tricky sometimes as the managers are very busy and I need to catch their attention.

This has been a great first placement for me and I have learnt so many transferable skills and have been supported by my amazing job coaches.

One of the most important skills I have learnt is independence. My role means that I have to walk around the hospital delivering to a range of different departments which are sometimes very far apart. I’m super proud that I am now able to find my way around the hospital and manage the deliveries by myself. My managers said that they fully trust me to make the deliveries alone and get all the signatures which is so encouraging to hear.

When making the deliveries, accuracy is vital. I need to check the order numbers on each of the boxes and ensure they get delivered to the right places. Knowing that I do my job well gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I have also improved my communication and teamworking skills. I listen carefully to instructions and work well with my team members. It’s so important to me to be polite and respectful and I always make sure I welcome my team in the mornings so that we all have a positive start to the day. During my last Employment Planning Meeting, my manager said I brighten up everyone’s day with my smile and that I’m a pleasure to work with.  I don’t always find it easy to talk to new people but it is something that I am working on.  It is therefore really encouraging to know that other people enjoy working with me.  I've also formed good friendships with the other interns and three of us have even become known as the Three Musketeers!

I am very proud to be working at the hospital. I always look forward to the day ahead and can’t wait to see where my next placement will take me.

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