Project SEARCH

I’ve nearly finished my first placement at Whipps Cross Hospital and the experience so far has been amazing.  I have been working in the laundry section which means I am responsible for packing the clean, folded linen into cupboards as well as for collecting the dirty linen and taking it to the laundry room.  As part of my job, I have to push large cages around the hospital. They are quite heavy so I had to have some training to learn how to move them safely.

In just a few months, I have learnt so much including how to work well in a team, listen carefully to instructions and communicate effectively with others.

As well as becoming more independent, I now feel much more comfortable and confident around other people. For example, when there was industrial action at the hospital, I had to work with people I didn’t know.  Before the programme, I would have found this really difficult but it was a great experience which taught me that I can step out of my comfort zone and work with new people. Likewise, when I first started on the programme, I used to sit alone to eat my lunch but now I eat with the other interns. My job coaches have noticed such a huge transformation in me which is all thanks to Project SEARCH and the new skills I have learnt.

Receiving positive feedback from my managers makes me feel incredible. They tell me that I’m focused and professional as well as kind and friendly. Throughout my placement, they have been nothing but supportive and accommodating of my needs. I told them that I didn’t want to work directly with patients and they were completely understanding. It really doesn’t matter – there are so many other roles to choose from.

Working at the hospital has been a brilliant experience. I can’t wait to find out what I’m doing next and to develop my skills even further with such a fantastic group of people around me.

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