Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH Case Study: Owen

After trying out a few different placements to see which one best suited me, I started work in the Energy Centre - a warehouse storing all the PPE for the five Barts NHS Trust hospitals.  It is absolutely huge!

My role is to transport the boxes by operating a special trolley called a pump truck.  At first, I was very nervous about using it as it is challenging to manoeuvre but with the support and patience of my managers, I have learned the skills I need to control it successfully.

Using my five and ten times tables, I stack the boxes in groups on the pallets. I really enjoy doing this and it’s good to use my maths skills at the same time.

My other main task is ordering the stocks in the racking system. It’s here that all the ICU equipment is stored, and everything needs to be ordered alphabetically so that it can be found easily. I’ve had to listen very carefully to instructions to ensure that I’m doing it correctly as I know how much simpler it makes it for others if everything is in the right place.

I used to ask lots of questions to check I was doing the right thing but now I know what questions I need to ask.  My managers have noticed this and can see that I am becoming more self-reliant.  They tell me that I’m mature and professional which is great to hear.

Recently, I have been going through a difficult time but Project SEARCH has been such a big help for me and my family.  My placement has kept me busy, and my managers and job coaches have been so encouraging and supportive.  I’m really thankful to have the opportunity to participate in this incredible programme.

Throughout my placement, I have kept a book where I write down what I’ve learnt and the progress I have made. It allows me to reflect on how far I have come since starting Project SEARCH and how much my confidence has grown.  Whenever I read it back, I feel very proud.

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