Whitefield School Case Study

My name is Alvin and I am 15 years old. I have been a Whitefield for 9 years. I am in S9 in Ks4 in Niels Chapman Secondary School. My class follows the Climbing Up Curriculum.  I really like coming to Whitefield because of how busy we are always learning new things.

My favourite subject is History and I really like Ancient Greece; last year we went on a school trip to Athens and visited landmarks like the Acropolis. We also visited a small Greek island and ate lots of Greek food like gyros. My other favourite subject is PE. I am in the football team and the table cricket team; we’ve also learnt to kayak on the Regents Canal. At the moment I’m completing Entry Levels in English and Maths – I like doing English but I find Maths confusing – my teachers have always been helpful and explain things to me in ways that help me to understand.

When I leave Whitefield, I would like to go to college and then maybe to do an ICT apprenticeship or apply for Project Search. At the moment I’m working on becoming an independent traveller and cooking more for myself at home. I want to get a good job and earn good money!