Whitefield School Case Study

My name is Henry and I am 5 years old. I started at Whitefield just over a year ago, but my first year has been interrupted a bit! I am in Purple 205 in the Margaret Brearley School and come everyday with a nurse to help me manage my medical needs. I settled really well in to school and was able to build good relationships with all the staff in my class and am enjoying learning different things.

I follow the Reaching Out Curriculum which I really enjoy. I have been able to explore lots of different materials, textures and substances, using my hands and even my feet! There are different sounds and smells to explore and I am also starting to learn about switches! I am becoming very good at showing how I feel about these things through my facial expressions and body language and am learning to makes choices about what I like and dislike. This is great because it means I can show the adult with me that I want to keep a favourite activity going!

Staff know that I always love some body action songs such as ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, stories and tickling games such. My teachers says that I am anticipating really well now and I enjoy the one to one times we have together. I really like coming to school and all the different things that I do there.